The Farm

The Azienda Plantamura is specialized in the cultivation and production of the famous "Gioia del Colle D.O.C." Primitivo.
The Plantamura wine is, in fact, the fruit of a passion for the vine-growing that is handed down by four generations.

Plantamuraís strengths are:

Biological agriculture

The family business, look after the whole spinneret:
The hilly territory where the vineyards are extended is particularly appropriate for the cultivation of the aboriginal vine: the primitivo of Gioia del Colle. The countryside near Gioia del Colle is, in fact, the classical area for the Primitivo wine for the following reasons:


The climate-ecosystem and the back as well as the sapling raising benefit the optimal conditions for the growth, with a maximum production of 80 quintals per hectare.
Thanks to the pedoclimatic conditions and careful as well as meticulous cultivation carried out by the Plantamuras, the Primitivo of Gioia del Colle can succeed as nowhere else in Italy.
Therefore, the production of Gioia del Colle represents the best that this vine can yield resulting in such a peculiar wine. Its alcoholic strength is 13°–14°, its colour is very strong ruby red at the beginning and then it lightens during the ripening process, while its perfume is very delicate and balanced.